Furry Friends   Benefitting Needy Furry Critters

Founder: Theresa Tong

Miss Baby Girl

Miss Baby Girl, Who unfortunately passed away from cancer

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help promote a healthier pet population within the community. In doing so we hope to educate the community in proper pet care, giving reasons and visual examples of the importance of altering all pets. We hope to provide the local animal shelter with much needed general and community support, by receiving donations and much needed materials such as food, flea control, blankets, healthcare, space, and other needs that may arise. We hope to gain community support by recruiting volunteers, as well as individual, family and corporate sponsorships.

Outline of Intended Actions

(1) Promote healthy animals in the community.

(2). Special functions

(3). Shelter help

4). Community

In closing, we are here to help people help the furry friends of our community on as many levels as possible.

"Kindness is the only investment that never fails"

Tax exemption pending but will be retro active to the charities start date so if you require a reciept for tax purposes, please let me know

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