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Click on Old Glory to visit my September 11th 2001 Memorial Page

The chipmunk picture was made for me over 5 years ago by a good friend (Yak) who I met in chat.

Ok, I can no longer be found in Yahoo!™ Chat because trolls have made the rooms pretty unbearable lately and most of the few real friends I made that I still count as friends are still around in Yahoo!™ Messenger(when it works grrr) or ICQ, although I am now wary of ICQ as it has been taken over by the most disgusting thing on the internet AOL™

First off: I decided to include the navigation table you see above and to the left in early 2005. It will hopefully help people find their way around the site. It appears on most of the pages on this site, although not all. Some of the pages are here for hysterical raisins historical reasons, and some are in little sub-sites, those generally won't have a navigation table, although they will have a link back to this page. My site has grown over the years, [in much the same way as weeds do]. The following list is a reasonably detailed explanation of what each page does.

Included in the list below will be the name of the page as it appears in the navigation bar [enclosed in square brackets], followed by an explanation.

General stuff... heh

If you want to learn HTML, or even if you know it, but just need to look something up, you could do a lot worse than to go and take a look at the NCSA (at UIUC) Beginner's Guide to HTML.It's good, honest


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