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General Information and links

I have moved the telephone wiring diagrams to their own page.

The general information on telephone dialing standards etc. is now available on a separate page too.

I am in the process of writing a new connectors page, that will eventually cover the most common types of connector I have personally come across (Mainly the North American RJxx series and the BT ones)

These 2 pages now appear as submenu items on the navigation menu when you are in the relevant area of the site.

For those of you who are actually interested in Telephones (come on, you must be, or you wouldn't have stayed here) I have a few links....

The Telecommunications Heritage Group A very well presented site, with plenty of links to other similar (and dissimilar) pages.

UK Office of Telecommunications The people who made descisions (good and bad) on the direction of the telecom industry in the United Kingdom. Their role has now been taken over by OfCom (The office of communications) whose website looks like an accident sadly, it looks like one of those feature encrusted and functionally worthless portal sites. It probably isn't, but I am still recovering from the shock of having to view it, so I can't be sure.

British Telecom The company that took over from the GPO in running the PSTN in the UK, at least until the UK PSTN functionally ceased to exist (this would be about the time "text messaging" became popular).

Cable & Wireless  The main rivals to BT (see above) ....The company is actually quite old, they used to run international telegraph lines for the GPO, before recently taking over a few telephone and cable TV companies and establishing themselves as a household name in the UK (They are also my ISP, available on a different URL.. )

Both of these URL's now redirect, but I am leaving them here till they quit doing so.

For those of you who are inquisitive, or who should just get out more, the background image for these telephone pages is an adaptation of the wiring diagram of a 250A linesman's field telephone, the original (readable) version of which is available here.

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